Student Accomplishments

Accomplishments in 2019

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Kiran Joshi Selected and recognized as a 2019-20 STEM Advantage Scholar at the 7th annual STEM Advantage Scholarship Gala at the California Space Center Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavor Pavilion in Los Angeles on April 27, 2019.
Alexis Siguenza Selected to attend a two day conference “Dev Pulse Con”  along with fellow AIMS2 students Megan Ngo and Kavya Manohar. The conference was held in San Jose on April 19-20, 2019. The report found here is Ms. Siguenza’s narrative of her experiences from this conference.


Accomplishments in 2018

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
 Andrew Langwald  Represented professor Hao, Tzong-Yings team and presented during the HENAAC Undergraduate Research Competition.

Picture of Andrew Landgwald at the event

Hareth Abdalkarim

Joshua Galeno

These students participated in the IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference in Gainesville and have composed reports of the event. The reports can be found below:

Report by Hareth Abdalkarim

Report by Joshua Galeno

The Agenda of the IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference can be found here.


Accomplishments in 2017

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Jessica Opinion
Veronica Rico
Melissa Guardado
Under faculty mentors David Boyajian and Tadeh Zirakian, these students have published a journal paper of a 2016 AIMS² project –  Single-Story, Single-Bay Portal Frame. Recently published in the Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The paper can be found online at:

A PDF version of the paper can be found here:


 David Nelson Award: 2017 CSU Trustees Award Scholarship (Edison International Scholar)

The CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement is given each year to students who demonstrate superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service, and financial need.​​​

 Lilian Simonian Represented the respective team and presented project “Experimental Research of Building Structures with Water Tank as Tuned Liquid Damper” at the HENNAC(Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation) Competition.

An image of the student alongside the representative poster of the project can be found here:



Accomplishments in 2015

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Elifalet Garcia Co-authoring a conference paper for presentation at the 54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences meeting in San Diego in January 2016.

Title of paper:  Experimental Study of Thin and Thick Airfoils at Low Reynolds Numbers

The detailed program is available on the conference website under “Detailed Agendas” at:

Tatevik Sardaryan
Felix Villa
Paulo Osuna
Edwin Salazar
Sergio Gonzales
CSU STEM Collaboratives Project
HSI Web Portal – April 7-8, 2015 at Cal Poly Pomona
student:  Christopher Lawrence
with: Dr. Robert G. Ryan and
Dr. Nathan R. Durdella
CSU STEM Collaboratives Project
Promoting Success for Under-Represented Transfer Students at CSU, Northridge – April 7-8, 2015 at Cal Poly Pomona


Accomplishments in 2014

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Oliver Barreto
Karoon Gayzagian
Paulo Osuna
Edward Salcido
Tatevik Sardaryan
Katren Ter-Oganesyan
Felix Villa
Juan Zepeda
First Place Award – “An interactive classroom management tool – Class Pi


Summer Research Projects – 2013

Student Name(s) Accomplishment

Kevin Miranda
Maya Saad
Travis Van Leeuwen

Presentation of current research activities at 11/14/13 ASM/SAMPE meeting

ASM San Fernando Valley Section Research Presentations (photos)

Yassamah Monier Tarazkar Paper presented at the 2013 ASEE annual meeting

Osvaldo Arambula
Anna Chilingarian
Jon Grijalva
Augustin Jimenez
Airianna Martinez
Kevin Miranda
Maya Saad
Travis Van Leeuwen

AIMS2 Summer Research Posters


Kian Darian
Rafael Esquivel
Eric Gamoning
Ryan Gomez
Noe Gonzalez
Catherine Hartnek
Sasha Kurkcuoglu
Manuel Martinez
Andrew Mirzakhanian
Haik Movsesian
Anj Nonis
Edgar Salvador
Ale Villeda
Eric Webb
Electric Bicycle Station Design Poster (Power Point document)
Gonzalez, Noe
Gamoning Eric
Mirzakhanian, Andrew V
Salvador Jr., Edgar G
Darian, Kian
Nonis, Anjana P
Esquivel, Rafael
Solar Charging Station
Oliver Barreto
Richard Dojillo
Jose Pech
Karl Ojeda
Katren Terogansyan
Jean Villanueva

Designing with Finite State Automata



Additional Accomplishments in 2013

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Leslie Puma 3rd place Winner – College Bowl – HEENAC – Great Minds in STEM – Northrop Grumman (click for photo)
Kyle Abrahamsen Northrop Grumman Scholarship Recipient at the HENAAC Student Leadership Banquet, New Orleans, LA – click for photos
Stephanie Medina
Noe Hernandez
Juan Zepeda
HACU 27th Annual Conference – click for announcement
Melissa Flores Inaugural Conference Scholarship – click for announcement


Summer Research Projects – 2012

Student Name(s) Accomplishment
Melissa Flores Poster on Summer Research in the ME Thermal-Fluids Lab