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Spectra Spring 2010

dean002.jpgDear friends:

I am very pleased to share with you our first edition of SPECTRA for 2010. As you can see from the following pages, it has been a very successful year. Enrollment in the college peaked at 2,564 students last fall, with over 700 students enrolled in our graduate programs. We initiated a new BS degree program in Engineering Management and just received approval for a BS degree in Computer Information Technology and a self-supported interdisciplinary Professional Science master’s degree in Assistive and Rehabilitative Technology, to begin in 2011. Our Construction Management program hosted its inaugural accreditation review by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) in March and came through with flying colors.[Read More…]

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High School Students Gain ACCESS to College Engineering

DSCN0071.JPGWaiting lists are nothing new in higher education, but for a special program in CECS, it’s schools, not students, that are queued up to get in.

The college’s ACCESS program (Accelerated Coursework in Computer Science and Engineering for Student Success), which debuted in 2007, enrolls academically talented high school juniors and seniors in a special online section of the college’s MSE 101 (Introduction to Engineering) course each fall, earning them two units of college credit. The aim is to interest increasingly diverse students in engineering and computer science and encourage them to enroll at CSUN to pursue their college education.

“It’s very, very popular throughout LAUSD,” says ACCESS coordinator LaTesha Hagler. “There are lots of schools on the waiting list, waiting to bring ACCESS to their high school.”[Read More…]

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CECS Students Shine in Solar Project

DSCN2769.jpgLast year, when Boeing Corporation was looking for some help designing a new piece of hardware to help solar panels track the sun, they went back to school—to CECS, to be precise—where five graduate students worked with two professors, Bruno Osorno, in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Stewart Prince, in Mechanical Engineering, to tackle the project.[Read More…]

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A Laboratory for the Future

IMG_9508.jpgIn 1967, a popular new ride called Adventure Thru Inner Space opened in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. The ride, which simulated the experience of shrinking down beyond the size of an atom, was closed in 1985 to make way for more modern attractions. But if the research taking place in the Keck Advanced Materials Laboratory at CECS is any indication, today’s advances in nanotechnology are proving the designers’ vision prescient rather than outdated.[Read More…]

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