The AIMS2 Program Partners with Mentor Collective to Strengthen Support for Incoming Students: Webinar on October 2nd

NORTHRIDGE, CA. Earlier this summer the AIMS2 program officially announced the launch of a new program to enhance the incoming student experience. Incoming first-year transfer and freshman students in the AIMS2 Program in the College of Engineering and Science will begin their first semester with the support of AIMS2’s Mentor Collective program, an integrative mentorship initiative that assists students transitioning to college.

While mentorship isn’t altogether new for AIMS2, the partnership with Mentor Collective represents a concerted commitment to the concept. “Mentorship has been incredibly powerful in building self-confidence and a sense of belonging and community amongst the students, inspiring them to stay the course and succeed,” says Dr. S.K. Ramesh, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of the AIMS2 program. Dr. Ramesh was the featured speaker along with Mentor Collective’s CEO Jackson Boyar at a live webinar on October 2nd on “Scaling Mentorship at CSU Northridge” which was attended by over 280 registrants from around the country. A copy of the recording may be accessed here.

The AIMS2 program is a natural home for the Mentor Collective program. New students now have access to a network of peer and alumni mentors who offer guidance and advice on everything from research opportunities to successful career transitions.

CSUN’s choice to prioritize mentorship stems from research showing the benefits of personalized retention programs. Dr. Ramesh is especially aware of the collaborative nature of such programs, acknowledging the role that many stakeholders have in student success; he is excited to add Mentor Collective to that stable of supporters.


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