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This skills workshop is specially designed to address any concerns you might have about becoming an engineer. What is engineering? Why do you want to be an engineer? What does it mean to you? Learn to set goals with student goal exercises. Make more effective study plans. This workshop focuses on:

  • Systems thinking
  • Ethics in engineering
  • Soft skills necessary for engineers
  • Team building skills and challenges
  • Work – life balance
  • Learning strategies
  • Class preparation
  • Research skills
  • Identifying the resources you need to succeed in CECS

It also includes:

  • A tour of Jacaranda and Engineering Labs, including the senior design projects
  • A Q&A Panel with students who have been successful in the field
  • A tour of JPL
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of the Workshop
  • A $20 Matamoney card for each student
  • Free lunch

Official Schedule Documentation

2018 Summer Workshop Schedule

More information will be available soon!

2017 Summer Workshop Schedule

Summer Program Workshop 2017 Agenda