Matador Motorsports is CSU Northridge's Formula SAE engineering senior design team. We give our engineering students the opportunity to demonstrate, build, and prove their creativity and engineering skills in comparison to other universities around within our nation and the world.

We take our students beyond textbook theory and enable them to design, analyze, build, test, and validate the dynamic performance of a vehicle used to compete in the Formula SAE. We aim to maximize the total points scored at the competition while remaining within the resources available at CSUN. We prepare undergraduate and graduate engineering students in a variety of disciplines in addition to budgeting, communication, project management, and resource management.

Matador Motorsports includes several undergraduate students with multiple emphases ranging from mechanical, electrical, and computer science. This program runs under the guidance of our faculty advisor, Dr. Stewart Prince.

Our mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture, test, validate, and race a Formula SAE-style race car. To reach our mission, students will learn the importance of camaraderie, commitment, and ownership of all factors of our team. We abide by the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics. Our core values are to foster professionalism, honesty, integrity, and self-growth. We look to attract highly motivated, diligent students with a desire to learn and push the boundaries of science and creativity in a fast and dynamic environment.