TIDES@CSUN will be hosting the first ever Festival of Computer Science on Tuesday, October 17, 12 noon-2 pm on the North Oviatt Lawn, just south of Jacaranda Hall. There will students, faculty, food, music, student clubs, posters, and more.
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Prof. Vahab Pournaghshband will be presenting his co-authored paper "Eliminating Gender Bias in Computer Science Education Materials" at SIGCSE 2017.


Prof. Li Liu and Prof. Jeff Wiegely attended the AACU STEM Conference TIDES Workshop in Boston, Massachussetes


TIDES@CSUN team members Prof. Peter Gabrovsky, Prof. Virginia Huynh, and Prof. Omar Ruvalcaba attended the AACU TIDES Institute held in Washington, DC.


Professor Linda Sax from the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies presented the results of a study spanning several decades examining student confidence self-ratings across STEM majors.
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The TIDES@CSUN project was featured on the front page of the CSUN Spectra.
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The Washington Post (4/26, Balingit) reports legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock, along with educators and researchers, met with Education Secretary John King Jr. at the US Education Department’s headquarters to discuss “how music can be better integrated into lessons on math, engineering and even computer science.”
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The Gender Gap in STEM: The Unique Case of Computer Science
Linda J. Sax, Professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Tuesday, May 3 at 10:30 AM in Jacaranda Hall 4440.

Women have been historically underrepresented in computer science and the gender gap in this field has widened further in recent years. This presentation uses data collected from a national sample of students entering college between 1971 and 2011 to explore the changing background characteristics, career aspirations, and self-perceptions of female undergraduate computer science majors over the past forty years. Women in computer science are compared with women across other STEM fields. Dr. Sax will also introduce her new nationwide study of computer science majors: Building, Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity (BRAID).

Linda J. Sax is Professor in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. She teaches graduate courses in research methodology, evaluation of higher education, and gender issues in higher education. Her research focuses on gender differences in college student development, specifically how institutional characteristics, peer and faculty environments, and forms of student involvement differentially affect male and female college students. She is currently principal investigator on a national, longitudinal study of gender and racial/ethnic diversity in undergraduate computer science (the BRAID study), funded by the National Science Foundation, the Anita Borg Institute, the Computing Research Association, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Intel. Dr. Sax is the author of more than 80 publications, including The Gender Gap in College: Maximizing the Developmental Potential of Women and Men (Jossey-Bass, 2008), and is the recipient of the 2005 Scholar-in-Residence Award from the American Association of University Women and the 1999 Early Career Award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education.
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CSUN-NASA dinner event was held on Thursday evening, February 18, from 6 to 9 PM, in CSUN’s Grand Salon. This dinner was planned to bring CSUN faculty and researchers interested in STEM education together with thought leaders and educators. NASA-JPL STEM education professionals, CSUN STEM education faculty, and K12 STEM education leaders attended the event for the express purpose of generating greater collaboration for promoting STEM education at the university as well as at local elementary and secondary schools. The featured speaker was Artur Chmielewski ,the US Rosetta Project Manager. Rosetta is the first space probe to rendezvous with and study a comet.


Website Relaunched.


The TIDES@CSUN modified course offering of CSUN COMP 110/L will be offered in Fall 2015.


TIDES@CSUN team members Prof. Gloria Melara, Prof. Anwar Alroumi, and Prof. Susan Belgrad, attended the AACU TIDES Institute held in Washington, DC.


Led by Prof. Gloria Melara, the first semester of TIDES@CSUN modified course offering of CSUN COMP 110/L came to a close.


The first TIDES@CSUN Faculty Workshop was hosted on the CSUN campus with strong faculty participation.


The TIDES@CSUN Project was featured in CSUN Today.
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The TIDES@CSUN Project was cited in CSUN Today.
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TIDES@CSUN team members Prof. Gloria Melara, Dr. Kim Kelly, and Prof. Vahab Pournaghshband attended the AACU STEM Conference TIDES Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.


TIDES@CSUN Project members Prof. Ani Nahapetian and Dean Ramesh participated and received specific mention in the White House College Opportunity STEM Education Workshop held at CSUN.


TIDES@CSUN team members Prof. Ric Alviso, Dean Ramesh, Prof. Jeff Wiegely, attended the AACU TIDES Institute held in Washington, DC.


The TIDES@CSUN Project was featured in CSUN Today.
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