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EMSA (Engineering management student association)

Welcome to our Page!

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Hello and welcome to the Engineering Management Student Association webpage!

Please note that the site is still under construction and there are several links are still inactive. Thank you for your patience

General Information


Statement of Purpose

The Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA) will promote a culture of academic excellence in the Engineering Management program of the MSEM department.  EMSA will serve as a bridge between the students and related industries to create a more productive environment for students who are willing to expand their knowledge and find job opportunities. EMSA will also organize high quality activities and strengthen the communication between the engineering management student body and faculty by effectively offering students' input to the department.

Membership Requirements

Members should be students enrolled in the Engineering Management program. Members should be full-time or approved part-time students. An active member status is defined as the members who pays the membership fee (if applicable), attends at least 75% of the EMSA organized activities and attends 50% of EMSA meetings per semester. An inactive member status is defined as the members who do not meet the Active member status requirements. An alumni member status is defined as the member who pays the membership fee (if applicable) and had an active or inactive membership status of EMSA during their course of study at California State University Northridge. An honorary member status is defined as the member who is not a CSUN student (i.e. faculty, staff, professionals) but is granted the "Honorary Member" status by EMSA.

Privileges of Membership

Members will have access to job postings, seminar updates, preferred seats at seminars, newsletter access. Also, only active members that are CSUN students will have the benefits of being a nominating, being a candidate for office, voting and holding officer privileges.

EMSA Faculty Advisor

Dr. S. Jimmy Gandhi is a faculty member in The Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management (MSEM) department and has been serving as the faculty advisor for The Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA) since Fall 2013. Dr. Gandhi has worked closely with the EMSA officers to organize events including inviting speakers from industry to connect students with industry professionals as well as enhancing student understanding of existing opportunities in The Engineering Management field.

Contact Information:

Email: sj.gandhi@csun.edu

Phone: (818) 677-2167

Office: JD 3312