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Computer Science Department Graduate Programs

The following page is presents information on the CSUN Computer Science Department Graduate Programs.

CSUN Computer Science - Graduate Programs - Research

Faculty Research Interests

Marjan Asadinia Advanced computer architecture, Memory system architectures, Next-generation storage systems, Systems-on-Chip (SoC) and Networks-on-Chip (NoC), Interconnection networks, and deep learning.
Richard Covington Graphical user interfaces; Computer architectures; Simulation and performance analysis. Fall only
Kyle Dewey Compilers and programming languages; Automated test case generation; software testing; Computer Science education.
Mahdi Ebrahimi Big data management with the focus on large-scale scientific workflows; Big data workflow scheduling; Cloud computing.
Rashida Hasan Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Feature Engineering, Data Preprocessing-Feature selection, feature extraction, and Anomaly/outlier detection.
Wen-Chin (Amy) Hsu Computer Science education; Human-computer interaction; Computing with human factors; Data analysis/science.
Maryam Jalalitabar Network Function Virtualization(NFV); Software Defined Networking(SDN); Virtual Network Embedding(VNE).
Xunfei Jiang Energy-efficient storage system; Thermal-aware resource management; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Cloud computing; Spatial database systems.
Adam Kaplan Parallel computing; Computer technology education.
Li Liu Accessible Computing; Human-machine Teaming; Data Visualization and Explainable AI; Assistive Technology.
Robert McIlhenny High-speed architectures.
Katya Mkrtchyan Computer Vision and Image Processing, Biological Video Analysis - Segmentation, Registration, Tracking.
Alex Modarresi Computer networking and security, IoT and smart systems, Software Define Networking (SDN), and ad-hoc routing protocol.
Ani Nahapetian Mobile and wearable computing; Mobile and hardware security; Algorithms design for embedded systems.
John Noga Design and analysis of algorithms.
Son Pham Databases; Design, optimization, OODB. Compilers for natural languages. Spring only
Abhishek Verma Data Science, Big Data Computing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Mining, Biometrics.
George (Taehyung) Wang   Deep Learning, Semantic Computing, Data Mining.
Jeffrey Wiegley Automated assembly path planning; Geometric shape analysis; Embedded systems; Software and infrastructure applications design.