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Computer Science Department Graduate Programs

The following page is presents information on the CSUN Computer Science Department Graduate Programs.

CSUN Computer Science - Graduate Programs - Research

Faculty Research Interests

Richard Covington Graphical user interfaces; Computer architectures; Simulation and performance analysis.
Kyle Dewey Automated software testing; Computer Science education; Programming languages.
Mahdi Ebrahimi Big data management with the focus on large-scale scientific workflows; Big data workflow scheduling; Workflow security; Cloud computing.
Steven Fitzgerald Information technology systems and architectures; Distributed and parallel systems; Traditional CS systems (Compilers, Networking, Operating Systems, and Security)
Wen-Chin (Amy) Hsu Computer Science education; Human-computer interaction; Computing with human factors; Data analysis/science.
Maryam Jalalitabar Network Function Virtualization(NFV); Software Defined Networking(SDN); Virtual Network Embedding(VNE).
Xunfei Jiang Energy-efficient storage system; Thermal-aware resource management; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Cloud computing; Spatial database systems.
Adam Kaplan Parallel computing; Computer technology education.
Wonjun Lee Cyber Security; Deep Learning for Security; Artificial Intelligence for Security; Data Science
Li Liu Accessible Computing; Human-machine Teaming; Data Visualization and Explainable AI; Assistive Technology
Richard Lorentz Game playing programming (especially the games of Amazons, Havannah, and Breakthrough -- with some interest in EWN and Go/WeiQi/Baduk); Discrete algorithms; Theory of Computing. (Fall only)
Robert McIlhenny High-speed architectures; Object-oriented programming; Computer ethics.
Gloria Melara Multi-media; Video/image compression techniques. Computer ethics. (Spring only)
Katya Mkrtchyan Computer Vision and Image Processing, Biological Video Analysis - Segmentation, Registration, Tracking
Ani Nahapetian Mobile and wearable computing; Mobile and hardware security; Algorithms design for embedded systems
John Noga Design and analysis of algorithms.
Son Pham Databases; Design, optimization, OODB. Compilers for natural languages. (Spring only)
Steven Stepanek UNIX; Operating systems; Networks; Object-oriented programming.
Abhishek Verma Data Science, Big Data Computing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Mining, Biometrics.
George (Taehyung) Wang Software engineering; Semantic computing; Data mining applications.
Jeff Wiegley Automated assembly path planning; Geometric shape analysis; Embedded systems; Software and infrastructure applications design.