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Would you like to help with CSUN's fifth participation

in the Human Powered Vehicle Challenege?

We are currently looking for NEW sponsors to help out in our next competition in 2010! To view our sponsorship package in its entirety click here.

Our goal is to build a human powered vehicle and compete in the ASME 2010 Human Powered Vehicle Challenge; and to bring honor and recognition of excellence to both the sponsors and the CSUN HPV Program.

With your sponsorship you help us reach our goal and help provide a reliable platform for future teasting and research.

Theses are the benefits of your contribution:

  • Name-Branding - Depending on level of sponsorship, your company's name and logo may be included on the CSUN HPV's fairing and/or team uniform. All sponsors will appear on every page of our team website. As a contributor, you will be able to advertise yourself as a sponsor for the 2009 - 2010 CSUN HPV team.
  • Target Marketing - Whether you aim to market to HPV riders, engineers, college students, or cycle enthusiasts in general, sponsorship of the CSUN HPV team will provide you that opportunity.
  • Community Involvement - As the only university in the San Fernando Valley, supporting CSUN connects you with the largest concentration of young men and women in the area. CSUN has nearly 33,000 students, and some prominent alumni include: former California Lt. Governor Mike Curb, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, former space shuttle astronaut Scott Horowitz, actor/producer Richard "Cheech" Marin, and Hilton Hotels C.E.O. Stephen Bollenbach.
  • Product Placement - Any material donations will be featured on the CSUN HPV team's website, to include pictures of the team testing and implementing our design with your product. One aspect of the CSUN HPV's website is to educate the public about human powered vehicles in general. If you would like to include example pictures of HPV's sold by your company to be displayed on the CSUN HPV team website, those pictures would be linked to your company's website.
  • Tax-Deductible Contribution - Both monetary and material donations for sponsorship recognition will be directed through Cal State Northridge, and as such are tax-deductible. 

  *Special Thanks to Bent Up Cycles located in Van Nuys, CA and Cycle World Bikes in Northridge, CA.
  If you are interested in sponsorship please contact:

Dr. Robert Ryan
Office (818) 677-4555
Email: robert.ryan@csun.edu


Jonathan Incorvaia
Cell (818) 674-3497

Email: jincorvaia001@gmail.com

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