Dr. Asad Madni not only has had an illustrious career as an internationally renowned innovator, executive and civic leader; he has been actively involved at the College of Engineering and Computer Science for over two decades. Because of his deep commitment to the college and its students, he and his family have created a challenge grant to endow an undergraduate scholarship in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For every dollar that donors contribute to the scholarship endowment, the family will match it, up to $25,000.

Endowment is money that is invested to produce income. Only the yield is spent, while the principal remains inviolate, producing income in perpetuity to support an institution’s highest priorities. A contribution to the Asad, Taj and Jamal Madni Scholarship will leverage the Madnis’ gift, serving as an outstanding investment in the college and the young men and women whose education it helps fund, now and for decades to come.

For more information about the Asad, Taj and Jamal Madni Challenge Grant and Scholarship, contact Susan Andraus, director of development, at 818.677.3850 or