UPSTREAM is a brand new and extremely effective system of physical FITNESS. It can make miracles: your body performance will steadily improve month after month, year after year until you find yourself far ahead of your much younger and formerly stronger competitors as if your body clock has started rotating counterclockwise.  Figuratively speaking, you will discover yourself moving UPSTREAM or against the normal flow of the Universal Time River.
UPSTREAM FITNESS will condition your everything: bones and joints, skin and vessels, muscles and tendons, respiration and blood circulation, digestion and metabolism, posture and spirit. This system of exercises that has no age limitations may make a senior citizen feel not just better but even stronger and healthier than when he or she were young.
  To be a success, UPSTREAM FITNESS technique requires the following:
Knowledge of the philosophy and basic principles of the system.
Assistance and monitoring by a proper trainer.
Persistence and commitment.
Self-control and analysis.
Non-stop competition with the previous yourself.
  UPSTREAM FITNESS is an endeavor for life and pro life.
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Dr. Valentin Shustov at