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  Performance  Summary  of  Base  Isolated  3-story  Town  House  Building  at  the  1994
 Predicted Performance for a 1000-year return period earthquake with  PGA=0.5g,  MMI=IX
 Recorded Performance in transverse direction with PGA=0.44g at basement and MMI=VIII at the building site
Fixed-base building (design)
Base-isolated building  (design)
SDOF fixed-base model, 5% damping
Real base-isolated building
Predicted  MiF = 4.07
Recorded  MiF = 0.79
     RESUME: In sense of average peak accelerations, the building performed  21% worse than 
   its non-isolated hypothetical counterpart. The structural accelerations at this MMI VIII event did 
   happen to be  0.57g / 0.27g = 2.1 times larger than those predicted for the postulated MMI IX
   event while mitigation factor MiF  happened to be  4.07 / 0.79 = 5.15 times smaller.
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