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Welcome  to  the  HOT TOPIC   in  Earthquake  Engineering  # 2-b2 !
  Performance  Summary  of  Base  Isolated  USC  Teaching 
     Hospital  Building  at  the  1994
 Predicted Performance for a 500-year return period earthquake with  PGA=0.5g,  MMI=IX, longitudinal direction
 Recorded Performance in longitudinal direction with  PGA=0.37g  at basement and MMI=VII at the building site
Fixed-base building (design)
Base-isolated building  (design)
SDOF fixed-base model, 5% damping
Real base-isolated building
Predicted  MiF = 5.00
Recorded  MiF = 1.07
 RESUME: USC Hospital building, in sense of average peak accelerations, performed 7% better 
 than its non-isolated hypothetical counterpart.  Though the shaking intensity at this building site 
 was only  MMI VII,  the accelerations happened to be equal to that predicted for the postulated
 MMI IX  event, while mitigation factor  MiF  happened to be  5.00 / 1.07 = 4.67 times smaller.
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