Hot  Topics in  Earthquake  Engineering,  Wind  and  Blast  Protection
  Topic 1.  Modal Performance Factor Testing Procedure for Base Isolation Systems.
  Topic 2.  The 1994 Northridge Earthquake Experience: Seismic Base Isolation.
  Topic 2-b1.   Performance Summary of Base Isolated Los Angeles County Fire Command and Control Facility
  Topic 2-b2.  Performance Summary of Base Isolated USC Teaching Hospital Building.
  Topic 2-b3.Performance Summary of Base Isolated 3-story Town House Building.
  Topic 2-b4.  Performance Summary of Base Isolated Rockwell Intl. Office Building.
  Topic 3.  Earthquake / Terrorist Blast Protective Structural Circuit Breaker.
  Topic 3A.  Flying Glass Debris / Terrorist Blast Protective Dispensable Structural Shield.
  Topic 4.  Seismic Base Isolation Systems: Promise, Design and Performance.
  Topic 5.  Building Elevation Configuration as a Structural Control.
  Topic 6.  Performance Charting  for Dynamic Structural Control Projects.
  Topic 7.  A New Concept of  Design Code for Seismic Performance.
  Topic 8.  A New Building Design Code and  Earthquake Insurance.
  Topic 9.  Multi-Frequency Earthquake and Wind Quieting Building System.
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