Seismic Soil Isolation for Building Structures
The main objective of the research is to evaluate, analytically and experimentally, applicability of a new earthquake protective system called Seismic Soil Isolation.
Building Elevation Configuration as a Tool of Structural Control
It is quite possible to disperse the seismic wave energy between a wide range of frequencies of oscillation by the way of properly configuring a building elevation.
Shielding Buildings with Earthquake-Protective Building Buffers
This research is both analytical and experimental. It will estimate globally a new passive structural control technique called Earthquake-Protective Building Buffer.
The 1994 Northridge Earthquake: Base Isolation Performance
The objective of this investigation is to determine how well the four base isolated buildings located in Los Angeles area survived the 1994 Northridge earthquake. 
 Structural Control for Housing Projects
 The research is to verify whether, when and how effectively the concept of structural control of buildings could be utilized for the housing projects with limited budgets.
Seismic Isolation: Promise, Design and Performance
The goal of this investigation is to scrutinize the concept of Seismic Isolation and determine how well the new technology performed at recent California earthquakes.
Performance Charting  for Dynamic Structural Control Projects
The global optimization technique called Charts of Seismic Performance represents
  an expansion of the response spectra approach to the MDOF building systems.
Multi-Frequncy Earthquake & Wind Quieting Building System (MFQBS)
Being tuned, with the help of their geometry/material properties, to the main natural frequencies of the building, MFQBS cantilevers act as partial tuned mass dampers. 
Earthquake Protector (EP) plus Prestressing-Induced Frame System (PIFS)
 Being incorporated into a building structure, EP reduces an earthquake impact while PIFS increases survivability of a structure under extreme loads like blast or hurricane
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