Welcome to Earthquake Engineering research project
CME-C1. Project title:  "Structural Control for Housing Projects" . Investigators: S. Gadomski, V. Shustov
CME-C2. Project title: "Code of Seismic Performance: A New Concept"Investigators: R. DiJulio, V. Shustov
CME-C3. Project title:   "Building Code & Earthquake Insurance"Investigators: S. Gadomski, V.Shustov
CME-C4. Project title:  "Applied Mechanics Laboratory Equipment" . Investigators:  R. DiJulio, R. Ehrgott, V.Shustov 
CME-C5. Project title: "Earthquake-Protective Building Buffer" . Investigators:  S. Bassein, V. Shustov
CME-C6. Project title:  "Base Isolators: Performance Testing" . Investigator:  V. Shustov
CME-C7 . Project title:  "Earthquake-Protective Pneumatic Foundation" . Investigators: R. DiJulio, V. Shustov
CME-C8. Project title:   "Vertical Mass, Stiffness, and Geometry Configurations as a Structural Control" . Investigators:  S. Bassein, R. Ehrgott, V. Shustov
CME-C9. Project title:   "A New Terrorist Blast Protective Building Structure: Feasibility Study" . Investigators: S.Gadomski, V.Shustov
CME-C10. Project title:  "Shake Table Installation for Research & Education". Investigators:  R. Ehrgott, V. Shustov
CME-C11. Project title:  "Computer Simulation and Visualiztion for Earthquake Engineering Education". Investigators:  R. DiJulio, V. Shustov
CME-C12.  Project title: "Multi-Frequency Earthquake and Wind Quieting Building System: Modeling and Computer Simulation" . Investigators: R. DiJulio, V. Shustov
CME-C13.  Project title:  "Sails-Rigging Terrorist Blast Protective Structural Shield" Investigator: V. Shustov
CME-C14.  Project title:  "The 1995 Hyogo (Kobe) Earthquake Performance of Base Isolated Buildings". Investigators: S. Hanatate, V. Shustov
CME-C15.  Project title:  "Testing Components of Catcher System for Terrorist Blast Debris Protection" . Investigators: S. Bassein, V. Shustov
CME-C16.  Project title:  "Learning Earthquakes through Participation in Shake Table Experiments" . Investigators: K. Iannone, V. Shustov
CME-C17.  Project title:  "Implementation of Information Technology into Structural Engineering Education". Investigators: S. Gadomski, G. Melara, V. Shustov
CME-C18.  Project title:  "Earthquake Protector: Testing a New Line of Seismic Base Isolation". Investigators: V. Shustov, S. Basseri, J. Fernandez, C. Cueve
CME-C19.  Project title: "Elevated Foundation for Earthquake Protection of Building Structures". Investigators: V. Shustov
Your questions on this page may be emailed to:  Dr. Valentin Shustov.   You may also visit  CONTROL    or BLAST    or HOT TOPICS    or BRIEFING
  Our address is:  18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, California 91330-8347. 
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