CME-C8Project title: "Vertical Mass, Stiffness & Geometry Configurations as a Structural Control".  Investigators: S. Bassein, R. Ehrgott, V. Shustov.
     There are two known ways to decrease damaging effects of earthquake or wind initiated shear waves, which propagate in a building structure,  namely: 
         a)  to dissipate the wave energy by means of 
              damping devices; 
         b)  to absorb the resonant portions of the waves 
              with the help of  TMDs. 
     Both energy dissipation and absorption assume an installation of special devices, often requiring a permanent maintenance, which makes such types of structural control rather expensive.
     There is, however, a better choice: to disperse the wave energy between a wider range of  frequencies of oscillation simply by properly configuring a building elevation thus preventing the structure from resonant amplifications (click here). The objectives of the ongoing research are: 
         ·  To investigate the influence of building elevation on its resonant ability. 
         ·  To develop proper recommendations for architects and engineers. 
     The research is analytical and will be accompanied with a limited testing.  Its major product  will be a practical method using vertical configuration as a means of structural control.
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