CME-C4Project title: "Applied Mechanics Laboratory Equipment"
Investigators: R. Di Julio, R. Ehrgott, and V. Shustov.
    The goal of the research is to improve the quality of undergraduate education for students at College of Engineering and Computer Science, CSU, Northridge.  The study   will focus on   the introductory-level courses in applied mechanics, and includes: 
 ·  acquisition of laboratory equipment for high quality demonstration of 
     principles of dynamics; 
 · incorporation and development of laboratory experiments that 
     effectively engage students in exploration of the related scientific 
 ·  promotion of critical thinking and problem-solving skills that may 
     contribute both to undergraduate education and development of 
     possible future faculty. 
     Expected outcomes of the project include
 · adaptation and implementation of innovative practices for courses and laboratories in applied 
 · faculty professional development in support of educational improvements.
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