CME-C2Project title: "Code of Seismic Performance: A New Concept". 
     Investigators:  R. Di Julio, V. Shustov.
   The present prescriptive design standards are a major barrier to innovations and they limit competition in the construction industry. The goal of the research is to develop a concept for a new seismic design code that is consistent with its predecessors, performance-oriented, and convenient for both design of new, and seismic evaluation of existing buildings. The current research is analytical, and its  main products  will be: 
  ·  Tools and procedures to assess the demand on and behavior of a structure exposed to an 
  · Charts of Seismic Performance built up in a multi-dimensional domain of major structural 
      and earthquake parameters. 
 The research will provide the future seismic codes with a sound methodological foundation and 
 facilitate a broad range of seismic risk management activities. 
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