CME-C19Project title: "Elevated Foundation for  Earthquake Protection of Building Structures".  Investigator: V. Shustov
         A new earthquake protective technology called Elevated  Building Foundation (EBF) is a part of a building structure.  It is conceived to shield the building against any potentially destructive component of an earthquake including the vertical shaking. 
         This goal can be achieved by means of a proper choice of materials, dimensions, and configuration of EBF.  As a result of multiple reflections, diffractions, and dissipations of the seismic waves in a process of their vertical propagation through horizontal strata of the EBF, any transmission of seismic wave energy into the superstructure furnished with Elevated Building Foundation will be decreased considerably.  Both analytical and experimental studies of the EPF with EP phenomenon will be targeted in the current research (for a video clip, click on EP&EBF-2006).
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