CME-C18Project title: "Earthquake Protector: A New Line of Seismic Base Isolation". Investigators: V. Shustov, S. Basseri, J. Fernandez, C. Cueve
       For performance demonstration of Earthquake Protector (EP) as a seismic base isolator, see EP-2004-1, EP-2005 or EP-2006.  It is obvious, EP transfers upward considerably reduced shearing forces at strong earthquakes.  EP, invented by Valentin Shustov, has been supported by NSF, Award No CMMI-0618183.
       To probe the concept experimentally, some scaled-down but kinematically similar to their prototypes building models with and without eccentric loads on the roof level were mounted on EP and tested on a shake table, as well as the models engaging so called Prestressing-Induced Frame System (PIFS) rigidly connected to a base plate (see, e.g., EP-2004-2).  Each building model is a PIFS, i.e. an assembly of prefabricated columns and floor slabs tightened together by post-tensioning with the help of external tendons. The time-histories used for the testing had peak accelerations up to 1.0g - 30.6g.
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