CME-C15Project title: "Testing Components of Catcher System for Blast Debris Protection". Investigators: S. Bassein, V. Shustov.
      The main purpose of the research is a further improvement of the blast protective technology for building structures. 
      The study  is focused on
  ·  identifying the existing materials that might be suitable to be used in catcher systems to prevent walls and windows debris from entering a building subsequent to terrorist bombing, 
  ·  verifying ability of the tested components to dissipate the kinetic energy of flying debris through the mechanism of plastic deformation, 
  · developing the protective hardware for field blast tests of a system described at
      This study has to contribute to developing an advanced catcher system for terrorist blast debris protection of a building interior that will utilize both the concept of airblast impulse energy dissipation and that of transferring the rest of blast energy to the whole building structure. 
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