CME-C12. Title: "Multifrequency Earthquake/Wind Quieting Building System: Modeling & Computer Simulation". Investigators: R. DiJulio, V. Shustov.
    This analytical research is to investigate the ability of a new building technique called Multi-Frequency Quieting Building System (MFQBS) to mitigate seismic / wind forces, to determine when, where and how the MFQBS should be applied to improve a building's performance, and to develop recommendations for architects / engineers (Topic 9). The objectives of the research are: 
   · Establish basic algorithms to assess a demand on and behavior of buildings, with and without MFQBS, exposed to an earthquake/wind. 
   · Develop a computational procedure for a performance oriented building evaluation. 
   · Develop the corresponding computer software capable of running a real time visualization of the basic earthquake engineering situations related to the MFQBS application.
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