CME-C11. Project title: "Computer Simulation & Visualization for Earthquake Engineering Education". Investigators: R. DiJulio, V. Shustov.
      The objectives of the project are: 
  · Establishment of basic algorithms to assess the demand on and    behavior of highly nonlinear structures through the full range of  earthquake exposure and up to their collapse.
  · Development of a computational procedure for a performance- oriented building design and evaluation. 
  ·  Development of model-based computer simulation experiments that effectively engage students in exploration of the related scientific and engineering concepts (for a sample, please click on the photo). 
  ·  Development of the corresponding computer software capable of running a real time visualization of basic earthquake engineering situations / experiments.
       The research will contribute to a better understanding of the behavior of buildings during an earthquake impact, which will facilitate informed decisions regarding their design, construction and anticipated performance evaluation, and will enable effective technological innovations. 
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