CME-C10Project title: "Shake Table Installation for Research & Education " Investigators: R. Ehrgott, V. Shustov.
     The project is in support of establishing the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). The goal of NEES is to provide a networked nationwide, shared-used next generation experimental research equipment installation, with teleobservation and teleoperation capabilities. 
     The product should be a part of an integrated 
 system including theory, database, computation, 
 experimentation,  and model-based simulation 
 activities. The objectives of the project are: 
  ·Acquisition of laboratory equipment for high
 quality small scale experimental research and 
 demonstration of principles of dynamics.
  ·  Development of laboratory experiments
 that may effectively engage a remote audience in 
 exploration of  related scientific concepts.
       Big is not necessarily smart. This project will take advantage of experiments on small scale physical models with payoffs hundreds times faster than from bigger models. One of experiments is shown above where two identical structures are shaken identically with only difference: the one on right rests on an earthquake protective foundation. For movie click here or on the picture.
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