CME-C1Project title: "Structural Control for Housing Projects"
 Investigators: S. Gadomski, V. Shustov.
     The structural control implementations are, mostly, associated with landmark projects or with those of practically unlimited budgets. Therefore, the objectives of the current research are: 
 · Estimate globally the concept of passive structural control 
      called the seismic or base isolation
  ·  Verify whether, when and how effectively that concept can 
      be utilized for housing projects with limited budgets. 
  ·  Work out appropriate recommendations for engineers. 
       The research is analytical. It includes investigation of relevant design standards and will be supported by recorded strong motion data and field observations. One of the main products of the research will be a method of optimal control analysis incorporating the Charts of Seismic Performance. This user friendly technique will provide a fresh insight into an earthquake damage mitigation potential of different kinds of base isolators and encourage an introduction of seismic isolation systems into new and existing homes.
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