A New Terrorist Blast Protective Building Structure (BPBS): Feasibility Study
The objectives of the proposed research are: to estimate globally the concept of BPBS and to verify when and how effectively the concept can answer its purpose. 
Sails-Rigging Terrorist Blast Protective Structural System (BPS)
This research is to investigate the ability of a new dispensable building shield called BPS to improve survivability of a building structure subjected to an explosive attack.
Testing Components of Catcher System for Terrorist Blast Debris Protection
This is both analytical and experimental study. It has to contribute to developing an advanced catcher system for the terrorist blast debris protection of a building interior.
Flying Glass Debris / Terrorist Blast Protective Dispensable Structural Shield
The shielding is based on the concept of energy consumption, i.e. a temporary storage plus dissipation and dispersion, of  window glass debris' kinematical energy. 
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