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Welcome  to  Edward  Larson's Web  site !
Edward Larson, Ph.D. elarson@ecs.csun.edu
Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering
Office: EN 2323 Hours: by appointment  Tel (818)677-7316 Fax:(818)677-2140
Teaches undergraduate courses in Structural Engineering. Has over 30 years
 experience in Aerospace Engineering. Was conferred the "Certified Manager"
 title by the Institute of  Certified Professional Managers. Recipient of the 1992
 ECS Outstanding Faculty Award, the 1993 ASEE Outstanding Zone Campus 
 Representative Award, and the 1984 NMA Silver Knight of Management
 Award. Member of  AIAA, ASEE, NMA, SEM, Sigma Xi. 
  Courses: CE - 435,  CE - 439   Civil Engineering Faculty 
Our address is: 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, California 913307-8347
CME Department Office: EN 2407 - 4th floor
     Tel: (818) 677-2166
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