Fair Oaks Academy is a small non-denominational K-8 private school in Altadena, CA.  Our website is fairoaksacademy.com

All of our students are on individual programs.  We’re looking for someone to develop software which we can use to target annual academic goals for each student for each subject, and then monitor each student’s progress towards reaching those targets.   We're on Macs currently so we'd prefer this, but we're not against a PC solution if that's the best approach.

Ideally, each teacher would fill in a single form at the end of each week which provides the data for each student for each subject..   Some sort of number would be entered for each student for each subject – page number in book, number of words written, etc.  A space would be provided for teacher notes connected with a particular entry, e.g., "needs more work on place value".  The data, once entered on the weekly form, would then be converted by the software into a color-coded form which reflects whether a given entry (e.g., math, p. 145) is in an “on-target” range, behind target or ahead of target.   The data would allow for the production of graphs for a given student and subject which show the student’s progress, with the Y axis representing the work to be accomplished for the year (e.g., for a textbook, p. 1 on the bottom and p. 400 on the top) and the X axis representing the weekendings of the school calendar year (9/7, 9/14, etc. to 6/7).   A straight line from lower left corner to top right would represent the annual target line, against which a second “crooked” line would show the actual accomplishments on a week-to-week basis. 

We’re interested in finding someone who has an interest in working with us and creating something like this.  We’re looking at pay in the $20-25/hr. range, but this is negotiable.   It’s going to be a learning experience for us as well, so we feel that an hourly pay rate allows for some flexibility by us and by the software creator. 

Those who feel they are interested and qualified please contact Bob Warner at bob@fairoaksacademy.com stating the nature of your interest and your contact information.