Computer Science 684 Spring 2012

Non-Presenter Preparation/Review Assignment


For each presentation for which you are not a presenter, you must do the following to earn full participation credit.

1.     Before the presentations you must read the papers and prepare a written (typed) list of questions.  The questions should cover aspects of the reading where you would like further clarification or where you had areas of disagreement. Use the Questions and Wrap-Up form (html version) for this purpose.

2.     During the presentation you should add any new questions that come to mind as a result of the material presented.

3.     At the end of the presentation you may ask any questions that have not been addressed.

4.     You will need to fill out a review form for each presenter commenting on the effectiveness of the presentation and the content of the material covered.

5.     Finally, you must complete the wrap-up questions for this presentation.

6.     At the end of the presentation you need to turn in your Preparation Questions, your Presentation Wrap-Up, and your Presentation Review(s).

Papers to be presented will be posted on the Presentation Schedule page at least one week before the presentations are to be given. Please check this schedule to find the papers you need to read and review each week. In most cases direct links or instructions for finding the papers online will be provided on the schedule page. Check this page often as the information may be updated frequently.