Computer Science 684 Spring 2012

Group Assignment #3

Due: Thursday, May 10, 2012



Based on the work done in Group Assignment #2, document your architecture. That is, develop a partial Architectural Description that would be suitable for use by all the stakeholders of your system who would have a need to know certain aspects of the architecture. Specifically, perform the following steps:


1.    By considering the stakeholders of your system, decide on the relevant views to include in your description.

a.    Produce a candidate view list based on stakeholder needs

b.    Combine views where possible

c.    Prioritize the views


2.    Document at least the highest priority view. (You may do more if you like.)

a.    Show the primary presentation

b.    Provide an element catalog

c.    Include a context diagram

d.    Provide a variability guide

e.    Give the background for the architecture (including the rationale for it)

f.     Include a glossary of terms

g.    Provide other information as necessary


3.    Document the interfaces (Extra Credit). Each documented interface should contain:

a.    Interface identity

b.    Resources provided

c.    Data type definitions

d.    Exception definitions

e.    Variability provided by the interface

f.     Quality attribute characteristics of the interface

g.    Element requirements

h.    Rationale an design issues

i.      Usage guide


4.    Provide documentation across views (or documentation of the architecture as a whole)

a.    How the documentation is laid out and organized

b.    What the architecture is

c.    Why the architecture is the way it is