Computer Science 684 Spring 2012

Group Assignment #1

Due: Thursday, February 23, 2012



This is a group assignment. Consider the requirements specification assigned to your group and perform the following tasks:


1.    Examine the requirements specification document(s) and determine whether there are quality attributes which are important for this product but have not been specified. You may consult with the stakeholders for this product to help in this determination but that is not required for this assignment.


2.    For all identified quality requirements, both those originally documented and any new ones added, make sure that they are adequately specified. That is, develop, or make sure that they have, appropriate quality attribute scenarios.


3.    Submit a revised set of requirements specification documents including these changes. Make sure that the changes and additions are clearly identified as new or changed material in the document(s). Alternatively, you may just submit an addendum document containing these new and changed quality requirements, but this document should clearly indicate which sections of the original document(s) are being modified or replaced by the new specifications.