Computer Science 684 – Spring 2012

Assignment #1

Due: Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Read the following paper:


“The Golden Age of Software Architecture: A Comprehensive Survey” by Mary Shaw and Paul Clements of Carnegie-Mellon University.  The web site for a pdf version of this paper is:


This is an excellent source for finding books and papers on software architecture, and I suggest that you consider the works cited here as possibilities for your presentations to be given later in the course.


Write a one to two page paper that covers the following:


1.    Did you find this paper useful?  If so, explain why.

2.    Identify anything that was unclear in the paper or that you didn't understand?

3.    Is there anything in the paper that you disagree with?  If so, explain why.

4.    The paper identifies several opportunities for new contributions in software architecture.  Which of these areas do you think is most important and why?