Comp 546

Computer Organization & Architecture

                                                                                         5/3/2015 8:56 PM

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Attendance is required at all lectures; no exceptions – see instructor for consideration of any exception to the rule. Occasional emergencies will be excused! Failure to attend on a regular basis will result in a failing grade for the course.



Sample Final Exam


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Lecture Notes


Homework Assignments

All homework assignments are due at the beginning of the next class.                   

Programming Projects

All programs must include a comment field at the very beginning of the document that includes the following information:

·       Project # <correct number inserted here>

·       your name

·       Comp 546

All programs must include adequate evidence of testing, e.g., input/output data trails.

The test data should be easily identifiable and place immediately after the relevant program that it is testing.


If a project consists of more than a single program, the project must include a cover sheet with the following information:

·       Project # <correct number inserted here>

·       your name

·       Comp 546

Place each program on a new page and label it with the page number and program number given in the textbook.


The goal is to complete all programs by the stated due date; however, if you have a problem with a particular problem, bring what you have, and I’ll give you some debugging assistance. If need be, you can submit the assignment one week late without penalty. Projects must be submitted on a timely basis; any project submitted more than two weeks after the due date will be rejected. Anyone trying to submit the majority of the projects during the last two weeks of the semester will fail the course.


         Number Systems


Floating-Point Arithmetic


Visual Studio C++ Usage


ARM Simulator


         ARM Manuals



Supplementary Information


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          Required Material

·       Computer Organization & Architecture, 8th Edition  Williams Stallings   Prentice Hall           0-13-607373-5

·       Flash Memory, i.e., Memory Stick

                         these can be purchased at

·       CSUN bookstore

·       Valley College bookstore

·, etc.,

If you shop though Amazon or other online source, make sure that you get the 8th edition textbook.



Midterm Answers

         Sample Final Exam


         Parallel Processing Slides Skipped 27128, 32-38, 50-51, 59, 67-68


HW# 1 has been assigned – see below

Read History of Computers  see also in lecture notes under Wikipedia heading

COA Chapters 1 & 2 are assigned as well as the following lecture notes

Lecture Notes are assigned

·       Putnam

o   Computer Organization

o   Process Concept

·       Stallings       

o   Computer Evolution