C. Robert Putnam

Department of Computer Science

School of Engineering & Computer Science

California State University Northridge

Northridge, CA 91330

Office JD 4446; Hours http://www.csun.edu/compsci/faculty/putnam.html Arbor Day

Computer Science Lab Hours www.csun.edu/compsci/tutoring.html

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Pathways www.csun.edu/pathways

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Fall 2015

CIT 101

Comp 105 BAS (Visual Basic)

Comp 108

Comp 182


The Past is past and the Present is fleeting, the Future is all that remains!


Previous Semesters (CSUN)

Comp 100

Comp 110

Comp 122

Comp 222 Computer Architecture

Comp 232 Comp 282

Comp 300 Comp 322

Comp 420 Comp 421

Comp 422

CompSci 516 (Pierce)

CompSci 546 (Pierce)


Previous Institutions -- for additional vita contact me via email

University of Montana at Bozeman

University of Minnesota

Washington University

Pepperdine University

Edwards AF Base Mohave

West Coast University


The Dog Ate My Textbook Photographic Proof