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Student building a robotic car

SITE Summer Programs

This is a 3-week-long Summer program open to students in Physical Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering majors. The goal is to increase the student's critical thinking, teamwork skills, and motivation to obtain a Bachelor's degree in PS&E majors. Please submit your application for Summer 2018 no later than April 6, 2018

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Success in Mathematics

Foster success in lower-division math by improving initial placement and first-time pass rate through supplementary laboratories mandatory for students who just miss passing grade on MPT and who are repeating course.

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SITE Career Seminars

STEM Career Seminars will provide an opportunity to bring together STEM majors to hear dynamic speakers from the southern California community who work in a wide range of STEM professions.

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STEPS (Students Targeting Engineering and Physical Science) is an NSF-funded program designed to increase the number of California State University Northridge (CSUN) students getting bachelor's degrees in the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science. STEPS has four major components: support for students in their lower division mathematics courses; a 3-week summer student research program (SITE); a student-led career seminar series and the development of a STEPS website that provides local and national information on careers, summer research opportunities, internships, scholarships and grants, campus events, and student achievements.

Abbreviations Used in the Program: STEM majors include all majors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Science and Math. PS&E (physical science and engineering) majors include all STEM majors except biology majors.

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