CSUN FSAE - Matador Motorsports

Matador Motorsports designs and builds formula race cars from the ground up every year. This year the focus is on weight, which is also the reasoning for the choice of a single cylinder KTM engine as the fuel economy points for competition have doubled.

We are lucky to have a vast array of sponsors which can be found on our sponsors tab.

Formula SAE

Formula SAE is a highly competitive competition held annually by the Society of Automotive Engineers, co-sponsored by a consortium of companies including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda. The concept of the competition is to create a fictional manufacturing firm with a professional engineering team to produce a prototype racecar. The target market is the non-professional autocross racer. Students are required to conceive, design, and build a formula style racecar to compete against other universities from around the world. The CSUN Formula SAE team consists of 22 graduating engineering seniors that are overseen by an engineering faculty advisor, Dr. Stewart Prince. The design and fabrication of the FSAE racecar takes place over a period of nine months. Once the racecar has been manufactured and tested, the team travels to the SAE competition in Lincoln, Nebraska to compete against engineering schools worldwide.