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Professor Robert D. Conner, Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
California State University, Northridge

. Portrait of Professor Dale Conner
Professor Robert D. Conner Contact Information
Office JD 3511
Email rdconner@csun.edu
Phone  (818) 677-4730

Education Background

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, California State Polytechnic University

M.S., Materials Science, California Institute Of Technology

Ph.D., Materials Science, California Institute Of Technology


Dr. Conner joined the MSEM faculty in Fall, 2006, conducting research in materials and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Materials Science. Following his graduate research on metallic glasses and metallic glass composites at Caltech, he worked for several years at Luxfer, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of high pressure vessels and leader in superplastic forming. Prior to joining the faculty at CSUN he worked as a member of the research faculty at Caltech.

Research Interests

  1. Mechanics of materials
    • shear band formation in metallic glasses
    • embrittlement and fracture of metallic glass and metallic glass composites
    • computational and experimental stress analysis
  2. Processing
    • investment casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, melt spinning, extrusion and rolling
    • computer modeling of processing methods
  3. Thin-film
    • process design
    • mechanics and adhesion
    • material characterization
  4. Polymers structural analysis and mechanical-rheological characterization