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Mechanical Engineering Links

      ME Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What degree programs does the CSUN Mechanical Engineering Department offer?
A: The CSUN Mechanical Engineering Department currently offers two programs: Bachelor of Science (BSME) and a Master of Science (MSME) degrees.

Q: Is the Mechanical Engineering Program at CSUN Accredited?
Yes, the B.S. degree program in Mechanical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

Q: I have an advisement hold on my student account. How can I get this removed?

A: All mechanical engineering majors have an advisement hold placed on their student record near the end of each semester. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor in order to have this hold removed for subsequent registration. Failure to meet with an advisor in a timely manner may result in delayed registration. Please refer to the chart on our advisement page to determine your assigned advisor. You may contact him or her (preferably via email) to request an appointment. If you have questions or are unable to reach your advisor, please contact the ME office staff.

Q: How do I request a permission number to enroll in an ME or AE course?
A: Please contact the course instructor to request a permission number. If a course instructor is listed as "staff", please contact ME Office Manager Elaine Alvarado via email to request a permission number. Please include your full name, CSUN ID number, and course section number on your request.

Q:  Where is the ME Design Center, and how can I access this lab?
A: The ME Design Center is located in JD1116/1118. Mechanical Engineering majors may request lab access by completing the OMNI Lock request form or contacting the ME Department office.

Q: If I do not have access to the ME Design Center, what other CECS lab is available for me to use?
A: All CECS students may use the Common Lab located in JD1622C. No special access is required to use this lab.

Q: I need to contact my ME/AE professor. Where can I find his/her contact information?
A: Please visit our faculty webpage, where you will find contact information for full-time and part-time faculty.

Q: Where is the ME Department office located? What are the ME Department office hours? How can I contact the CSUN ME Department if I have further questions?
A: Please visit our contact page.