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      ME Academic Advising

Your academic advisor is assigned according to the table below.
Academic Advisor Assignments

fall 2014 - Spring 2015


Student Services Center
  • First-time & Continuing Freshman
Professor Vibhav Durgesh
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 0
Professor Tim Fox
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 1
  • Students enrolled in Aerospace
    Senior Design
Professor George Youssef
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 2
Professor Nhut Ho
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 3
Professor Hamid Johari
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 4
  • Students on academic probation
  • Students on academic disqualification
Professor Mike Kabo
  • Master's and Second Bachelor's students
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 5
Professor C.T. Lin
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 6
  • Students enrolled in IGV senior design            
Professor Stewart Prince
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 7
  • Students enrolled in FSAE senior design
Professor Abhijit Mukherjee
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 8
  • Students enrolled in Solar senior design
Contact ME Department Office
  • CSUN ID Number ending in 9
  • Students enrolled in HPV senior design

In order to streamline the advising process, you should contact your advisor, preferably via e-mail, to request an appointment. This allows for the advisor to request and obtain your file.

Please make every effort to arrive to your appointment on time. You should also bring a current copy of your DARS (also called DPR) and the list of courses you are interested in taking. This allows for a much more effective advising session.

This procedure applies only to Mechanical Engineering students. Students studying under a different major should contact their respective department offices for advising procedures.

Hamid Johari
Department Chair

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