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How to Join

How do I join HKN?

All HKN CSUN student members must be invited to join by Lambda Beta Chapter during their junior or senior year. Grduate students are also eligible to join.

Membership Requirements

Eta Kappa Nu membership is not strictly based on academic performance. Many other personal factors such as good character and propensity for hard work are factored into our membership decision. Official membership is limited to students who have declared Electrical or Computer Engineering, therefore only Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students are typically invited. Freshmen and Sophomore students are welcome to come learn about IEEE-HKN and participate in our events. Our members:

  • Possess an unimpeachable character
  • Are able to make use of the knowledge and information acquired
  • Have the capacity and willingness for hard work
  • Work in harmony with all types of people
  • Have a genial nature

The Three Pillars of Membership:


Members of Eta Kappa Nu must have outstanding traditional academic abilities – but they must also have a good supply of common sense to make use of the knowledge, information, and ideas they may acquire.”


Members of Eta Kappa Nu must be of unimpeachable character, have sound judgment, and possess the capacity and willingness for hard work.”


Members of Eta Kappa Nu must have a positive outlook on life, a congenial nature, and the adaptability for working in harmony with all sorts of people.”


Invitation to Join

Invitations are sent to the Electrical & Computer Engineering students. If the invitation is accepted, the candidate becomes a Pledge Member. All Pledge Members are inducted at end of the spring semester as stipulated by the National Organization. Pledge Members will be inducted if they have:

  • A solid character
  • A good attitude
  • Submitted a personal resume and application
  • Completed 1 community service event or fundraiser per semester (if scheduled)
  • Attended 50% of the scheduled member meetings each semester
  • Must have passed ECE 240.
  • Attended 2 social events (though we would love to see you at more!)
  • Paid one time $80 initiation fee
  • Attended the Initiation Ceremony at the end of the spring semester
    • You MUST attend the ceremony to be initiated – it’s Eta Kappa Nu’s tradition. Business casual attire only. Following the ceremony, you will enjoy a lunch in celebration of your accomplishment. DO NOT be late for initiation. You will NOT be initiated if initiation has commenced by the time you arrive.

The initiation fee goes directly back to the member through projects, activities, and food. The fee covers membership in the National Eta Kappa Nu organization, and  membership in the National IEEE organization. This means that you become a member of two esteemed organizations for the price of one, and you can put both on your resume! Membership in both Eta Kappa Nu and IEEE is worth the cost, and the experiences you will gain as a member will be priceless.

Graduate Students
All graduate students are encouraged to become members of HKN. They have the right to hold office, serve on committees, and actively participate in chapter activities.

All faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department with the rank of Assistant Professor or higher should be considered for HKN membership. Their position automatically qualifies them for membership, and your chapter will be stronger if all ECE faculty are HKN members.

Electrical and computer engineers who have a distinguished record in industry, government, education, or management may be initiated by your chapter. They need not be graduates of your school, nor is it necessary for you to inquire into their academic records. Approval of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department head and the faculty advisor are needed.


Benefits of Joining / Why Join?

Membership in HKN recognizes a student’s academic achievement, as well as their potential as a leader, both in school and in their professional careers.

  • Academic Accomplishment.
    Ensure that your exceptional academic accomplishment and strong character is publicly recognized by the entire ECE industry.
  • Networking Opportunities.
    Gain numerous networking opportunities by joining an organization that has members in leading roles with corporations, government and universities.
  • Resume Enhancer.
    Use your HKN membership as a resume enhancer when seeking a position or applying for graduate school. Employers prefer to hire HKN members with their leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • Helping.
    Receive opportunities to help the ECE Department, fellow students, and the community in chapter activities.
  • “HKN Only” Opportunities.
    Access opportunities that exist purely for HKN Members to broaden knowledge, increase understanding and perfect professional skills through HKN Student Chapter Projects.