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IAB Highlight - Felix Rabinovich

Felix Rabinovich shares his diverse experience to aid CECS students

Rabinovich_Felix_FullHeight.jpgThere’s no telling where computer science will take you. Just ask Felix Rabinovich, a longtime member of the CECS Industry Advisory Board.

Rabinovich, who earned a degree in computer science in his native Latvia and came to the United States 25 years ago, began his career as a software developer, then expanded into IS management and business consulting. He has worked in fields ranging from biotech to financial services, from the insurance industry to retail, from aerospace to healthcare to public utilities, for companies like Deloitte & Touche, Andersen Consulting, Wellpoint, and Amgen. [Read More…]

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College’s Industry Advisory Board Members


  • Program Chief Engineer
  • SAS Systems Verification Center
  • Raytheon Company


  • Vice President, Neuromodulation, International Sales,
  • Deep Brain Stimulation & Program Management
  • Boston Scientific Neuromodulation

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Alumni Spotlight - Robert D. Taylor ‘82


_DSC6946.jpgThe encyclopedia salesman knocked on the door, and Geneva Williams answered. He gave his pitch, and then Geneva looked to her eight-year-old son, Robert D. Taylor, for advice.

Not a good investment, the little boy told his mother. But she decided to go through with the purchase, despite being cash-strapped. At some point soon after, Taylor decided he would become a scientist when he grew up. So he looked the profession up in the new encyclopedia, which prompted him to keep digging until he read about engineering. [Read More…]

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CSUN satellite at the final frontier

CSUNSat1_2016.jpgSometime soon, an unmanned spacecraft will be launched from Earth, headed to the International Space Station. Once it arrives, the space station’s astronauts will remotely open the doors on the craft and release into orbit space six small satellites called CubeSats, each about the size of a shoebox. One of those will be CSUNSat1, the culmination of 2½ years of work by electrical and computer engineering professors Sharlene Katz and James Flynn, emeritus professor David Schwartz, computer science professor Adam Kaplan and some 70 students, as well as colleagues at JPL. The CSUN team built and programmed the satellite and ground station, while the JPL group built the payload. Once CSUNSat1 is in orbit, the ground station, with its antenna installed atop Jacaranda Hall, will communicate with the satellite, run experiments for JPL and collect data.[Read More…]

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