Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Upper Division General Education

The university requires that nine units of each student's general education package must be upper division courses. These nine units must be taken while you are a junior or senior and NOT before. The nine units of general education must come from two or three different sections of general education. For example, you might take:

  • one upper division course from section C, one from section D and one from section F
  • one course from section C and two courses from section D, etc.

In order to minimize the number of general education courses that you take, it is very IMPORTANT to consider the Humanities/Social Science Concentration when planning your upper division general education courses. The six units of upper division coursework required in the Humanities/Social Science Concentration will also fulfill six of the nine units of upper division required by the university. This can be confusing. We recommend that you review the example G.E. packages for an illustration.