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1.1 Project Start up and Management

1.1.1 Notify Stakeholders of Award
1.1.2 Assemble HSI-STEM Advisory Committee
1.1.3 HSI-STEM Advisory Committee biannual meetings

1.2 Project Personnel

1.2.1 Recruit Project Personnel
1.2.2 Pre-Service Training
1.2.3 Develop project materials (curricula, articulation agreements)

2.1 Recruitment of students

2.1.1 Project announcement distribution
2.1.2 Recruit students for cohort
2.1.3 Select peer mentors for tutoring
2.1.4 Select from cohort students to serve as research assistants, lab assistants and project assistants

2.2 Project Services

2.2.1 Review guidelines and expectations with students in cohort
2.2.2 Advisement of students in cohort
2.2.3 Monitoring of student performance and tracking progress
2.2.4 Reports on student progress
2.2.5 Joint Leadership conference
2.2.6 Orientation of students prior to transfer to CSUN (Engineering Boot Camp)
2.2.7 Participation at Tech Fest
2.2.8 Participation in Senior Design Project Showcase
2.2.9 Career Advising
2.2.10 Establish Academic Success Center for tutoring and workshops

3.1 Faculty

3.1.1 Identify faculty from CSUN, GCC and COC to work on project and review and update annually
3.1.2 Orient project faculty on project needs, services, and deliverables
3.1.3 Identify gaps in articulation with CECS courses
3.1.4 Schedule and team teach new courses
3.1.5 Develop and offer new courses that articulate with CSUN

3.2 Technology and Online Services

3.2.1 Purchase and set up tablets and DyKnow Software
3.2.2 Faculty team completes DyKnow training; Designs WiTec evaluation instruments
3.2.3 Faculty team begins using tablets and other hybrid online technology in courses, workshops with cohorts, advisement and tutoring
3.2.4 Annual demonstration of learning modules developed with WiTEC
3.2.5 Analysis of data collected in Year 1 for formative evaluation of WiTEC
3.2.6 Redesign of courses based on evaluation of results and suggestions
3.2.7 Summative evaluation of WiTEC project

4.1 Project Assessment and Evaluation

4.1.1 Program Assessment and Evaluation Committee meetings
4.1.2 Biannual reports to Advisory Committee
4.1.3 Annual progress reports to DOE
4.1.4 Final Project report to DOE


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