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LaTesh Hagler

Name: Dr. LaTesha Hagler, Student Outreach Coordinator, CECS
Office Phone: (818) 677-2191
Email: latesha.hagler@csun.edu

LaTesha is a CSUN alum. She graduated with her M.A. in Educational Administration in 2006, a B.S. in Health Science in 2007, and an Ed.D. from Cal Lutheran in 2014.






Lisa Reiner

Name: Lisa Reiner, Research Staff and MSEM Faculty
Office Phone: (818) 677-7746
Email: lisa.r.reiner@csun.edu







Name: Kathleen Pohl, Assistant to the Dean
Office Phone: (818) 677-4501
Email: kpohl@csun.edu

Quick Note

Students who are enrolled at California State University, Northridge must use their official CSUN email address for communication with faculty, staff and fellow students.